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Yleisön pyynnöstä lisää suosikki-instagrammaajia. Tällä kertaa en voinut valita vain viittä, enkä kymmentä, joten tässä nyt onnennumeroni 13 verran jänniä uusia seurattavia!
Back by popular demand, more of my favorite instagrammers. This time I just couldn't stick to five, or even ten, so I decided to go with my lucky number 13. Enjoy and follow!



Andrew travels with his Border Collie Momo and often encourages you to "Find Momo" in the picture. 



Two girls set out on a journey from Vancouver, BC... quirky, beautiful shots. Currently in New Orleans.



My favorite South African instagrammer. Lighthouses are a big +.



Joshua Works and his family sold everything and traveled around the US in an Airstream. Now back home in Kansas, the awesome pics still keep on coming. Scroll back for amazing shots and videos of their trip through the National Parks.



Wes Mason is spouse to the famous fashion blogger @songofstyle. He takes beautiful shots of life in LA. His mother recently passed away from brain cancer and he is actively supporting the very important cause.



A seemingly religious man, Blaine takes heavenly shots of heavenly places on the West Coast.



Mac Bass is a 20-year old architecture student from California. Lately beautiful shots of Seattle. ♥



Kyle Kuiper is a professional photographer from San Diego, California. Works his magic on Instagram too.



Lina Abrudan takes beautiful, somewhat original shots of places mostly on the West Coast.



Josh's photos of San Francisco and Yosemite are pure magic. iPhone ONLY!



Bethany is a photographer from Portland, Oregon. Amazing light and some of my favorite misty moods.



Tim Landis lives by some awesome principles and it shows: "Worry less, smile more, start believing, embrace change, listen and love, keep learning, be passionately CURIOUS!"



These pictures remind me of a friend of mine. I'm sure she would like this dude's feed.

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