National Parks Galore

Siitä asti kun palasin viime vuoden matkalta Kaliforniaan, Nevadaan ja Arizonaan olen aktiivisesti seurannut Instagramissa ihmisiä, jotka liikkuvat luonnossa ja Yhdysvaltojen kansallispuistoissa. Kun olen tykkäillyt ihmisten kuvista ja ihaillut upeita maisemia, on mieleeni hiljalleen hiipinyt ajatus siitä, että minunkin on pakko päästä takaisin tien päälle ja Yhdysvaltojen maagisiin kansallispuistoihin. Nyt unelmistani on tulossa totta, sillä tulevana kesänä vietän ensin pari viikkoa rakkaassa Alaskassani, jonka jälkeen lähdemme taas eeppiselle road tripille. Mukanamme Pendletonin viltit, teltta ja kamerat. Tässä Instagramin kautta joitakin niistä paikoista, joihin matka vie.
Ever since I got back from our last year's trip to California, Nevada & Arizona, I've been actively following people exploring nature and National Parks on Instagram. While liking people's pics and admiring the gorgeous scenery, it has slowly seeped into my mind that I absolutely have to get back on the wide open roads and to the wondrous National Parks of the United States. Now my dreams are becoming reality, since this summer I will first spend a few weeks in my beloved Alaska, after which we're heading out on another epic road trip. Pendleton blankets, a tent and cameras in tow. Here are some of the places we intend to visit... as seen through Instagram.

Olympic National Park

pics by @thelovells & @happiestoutdoors

Olympic National Park is known for its mountains, rain forests and breathtaking beaches.

Rainier National Park

pics by @darkroomanddearly & @shnmrcln

Rainier National Park has its fair share of still active volcanoes, forests and lakes. I've seen it before, but with all its merits, why not see it again when it's right along the way?

Crater Lake National Park

pics by @stephjoi & icangetitjuicy

Crater Lake is a peculiar remnant of a collapsed volcano with a lake in its crater. I've been dying to see this for years, but never made it south enough in Oregon.

Bonneville Salt Flats

pics by @happiestoutdoors & @kristaminor

The Bonneville Salt Flats aren't even a National Park, but definitely deserve their place here. Why travel all the way to Uyuni in Bolivia when you can just go to Utah?

Grand Tetons National Park

pics by @michellebgphoto & @mortyspics

Remember me telling you about my admiration for Ansel Adams? Well he and @worksology are the reason why this particular National Park has been my obsession for a while now.

Yellowstone National Park

pics by @___missjackson_ & @tsamsummm

Yellowstone is the other National Park I've always wanted to see. Yosemite came first. I'm desperately craving a drive along with the buffalos, seeing the Old Faithful and the Grand Prismatic Spring.

Glacier National Park

pics by @bernard_xy & @gsaontour

Glaciers have a special place in my heart, because Alaska... you know! I however was always aware of there being a GLACIER National Park and have to see it for myself. I absolutely want to drive along the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road and camp out in a teepee underneath the stars.

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