Not till we are lost... do we begin to find ourselves...
— Henry David Thoreau

Saatuamme kaasupullot t√§ytetty√§ Sortlandissa p√§√§simme vihdoin jatkamaan matkaa suunnitellusti. Nyt kun kaasua riitti my√∂s lieden l√§mmitt√§mist√§ varten, pystyimme pys√§ytt√§m√§√§n karavaanin ihan mihin tahansa ja keitt√§m√§√§n p√§iv√§kahvit tai sy√∂m√§√§n lounasta auton takaosassa. Lofootit alkavat oikeastaan siit√§ miss√§ E10-tien varrella alkaa pitkien tunneleiden suma. Pisin tunneli jota pitkin ajelimme oli yli 6 kilometri√§ pitk√§ S√łrdalstunnelen, jonka j√§lkeen piti hetki siristell√§ ett√§ n√§k√∂hermot palautuivat p√§iv√§nvaloon. T√§m√§n tunnelin j√§lkeen maisemat alkoivatkin pist√§√§ parastaan ja p√§√§simme vihdoin Lofoottien ja Pohjois-Norjan vuorimaisemien makuun.

After we got our gas bottles filled in Sortland we finally continued our journey as planned. With enough gas to use the stove, it was easy to stop our RV anywhere we wanted and make a cup of coffee or have lunch in the back of the car. The Lofoten islands actually begin where the long tunnels along E10 appear. By far the longest tunnel we drove through was S√łrdalstunnelen, which was a whopping 6+ kilometers long. I had to squint my eyes for a bit afterwards to get reacquainted with daylight again. After this tunnel the scenery really opened up and we got to enjoy the mountainous views of Northern Norway that we had come here for.